Ají Panca [pronounced a-hí panka]


Panca chili (Capsicum Chinese) is also known as ají especial, special chilli, and is, along with the yellow ají amarillo, among the most widespread chillies in Peru.There is a reason for this. It has a fruity and aromatic smoked taste as well as a mild lingering heat, which gives any ingredient a deep flavour fullness and a nice red colour. The 8-13 cm long chilli is especially used in its dried variety, where it gets a almost reddish, chocolate-like colour.


Use: For marinating meat, fish and seafood.  Ají panca is also good in casseroles and soups and a perfect match in the barbecue kitchen, where it dresses grilled chicken, pork and more.  In Peru, it is also used in traditional dishes such as picantes, chupes, anticuchos, adobo and seafood parihuela.


Tip: Let the ingredients marinate for 2 hours (the best is to leave it overnight). Add a dash of chicha de jora or dark Peruvian Cuzqueña beer to the marinade.

Our Panca Chilli Paste


Strength: Mild

Glass jar: 205g

Doypack with lid: 1kg (HORECA).

Ingredients: 80.1% panca chili pepper (capsicum chinense), salt, citric acid E330, sodium benzoate E211.

May contain traces of peanuts, mustard, egg and milk.

Suggested use: adds a wonderful and subtle spicy note to marinades, stews, stir-fries. sauces, soups or dressings, including peruvian and nikkei-style recipes.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.