Ají amarillo [pronounced a-hí amarijo]


Ají Amarillo [pronounced a-hí amarijo] The yellow ají amarillo (Capsicum baccatum) is the most widely used chilli in peruvian cuisine and, according to star chef Gastón Acurio (Peru’s answer to Claus Meyer in Denmark), is the most important ingredient in the country’s cuisine. The 10-15 cm long chilli changes colour from green to yellow before it reaches a deep orange colour as fully mature. Ají amarillo has a citrusy aroma with a touch of raisin, passion fruit and mango that gives every dish a very special taste.

Use: For classic Peruvian dishes such as ceviche and tiradito, ají de gallina and lomo saltado. Ají amarillo is also used in soups like sopa criolla and casserole dishes such as chupes as well as in creamy sauces such as crema de huacatay and salsa huancaína.

Tip: Ají amarillo can also be stirred into a dressing that goes well with French fries and burgers.



Our Yellow Chilli Paste



Strength: Mild

Glass jar: 205g

Doypack with lid: 1kg (HORECA).

Ingredients: 85,5% yellow chili pepper (capsicum baccatum), soybeanoil, salt, citric acid E330, sodium benzoate E211, taragum E417.

May contain traces of peanuts, mustard, egg and milk.

Suggested use: to sauces, dressings, stews. Perfect for peruvian ceviche and the japanese-peruvian Nikkei cuisine.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.