Outstanding Taste from a Magical Land.


UKU is a danish brand with peruvian roots. Our spicy salsas and chilli pastes are made from the best Peruvian ingredients according to traditional recipes that were carefully adapted to the chef’s needs. In short, our salsas and pastes give a very subtle spicy kick, but no burning sensation.
Uku was, according to the mythology of the Andean cultures, the name of a magical and underground world associated with the harvest, and symbolised, among other things, fertility and rebirth.
For us, UKU is the taste of Peru. In collaboration with peruvian Michelin chef Jonathan Guardia, Taste of Peru ApS has developed three different chilli pastes that are both used in peruvian cuisine and the trendy japanese-peruvian Nikkei cuisine.
Our philosophy is that it should be easy to cook the food that has made Peru South America’s gastronomic darling. Whether you are a professional or an amateur chef. UKU is your shortcut to authentic Peruvian flavour in your next ceviche or lomo saltado.
Our chillies are different and unique.
Chilli peppers are in the DNA of the Peruvian cuisine. The country has more than 50 different types.  However, although there is often chilli in Peruvian food, it does not necessarily mean that they give it a hot taste. They give the chillies a boil before using it in any food preparation.
This is where UKU comes into the picture.
We have developed three unique chilli pastes based on the following chilli types: ají amarillo, ají panca and rocoto, which are the essence of Peruvian cuisine. Our concentrates consist of pure chilli and do not, like other chilli pastes, contain any potato or manioc starch as a filling.  UKU is the pure commodity.  We have also focused the entire store on delicate and subtitle taste that enhances the food rather than overpowering it.  We call it turning up the taste and down the flare.